In order for a printed shirt to look its best, the artwork must be appropriately sized. Making these dimensional decisions can be a tough task, so we've put together these helpful tips and illustrations to guide you through the process:


How big can I make my graphic?

Well, here’s what you’re working with: our standard print area is 14" x 17". Jumbo printing with an area of 18.5" x 27.5" is available as well.

How do I print my design at a size that will look good on everyone, without compromising my awesome work?

If your order includes men's and women's blanks, 11” wide is a good median. If you go larger than this, it most likely won’t fit on women’s clothing. Men’s shirts typically sport a 12” wide print very well. As far as placement goes, 2” down is most common for men’s tees, while women’s is 1.5” down.

What about the kiddos?

If you go 9” wide or less, then it should be a good fit.

How about a chest print?

If you want a chest print (which is typically on the wearer's left chest) then 3-4” wide is a safe bet. This is typically placed 3-3.5” down and 2” over. It really depends on the graphic, though. If you’re printing on a pocket, it’s likely that anything wider than 3.5” will be too large.

And a sleeve design?

For a short sleeve print, 3”-4” works well for this, too. 2.5”-3.5” for the kids. If we're talking long sleeves, 20" is our maximum length.

What’s the deal with private labeling?

Custom size labels are the best way to brand your product. For these printed labels, the most common size is 2.5" wide.

Thanks for the lowdown, but can you guys just size it for me?

Of course. We’re happy to apply our expertise to your artwork. Just send over your graphic (vector files are ideal), and one of our pre-press designers can assist. They can make sizing and placement suggestions based on your blank of choice. After you've placed an order, Clockwise will send over a mockup of your product with print specs for you to approve prior to going into production.


Now let's get printing.



This weekend Clockwise traveled up to Brooklyn's Prospect Park where we performed live printing for those attending Squarespace's Summer Party. Tees, totes, and posters were offered to all guests who were willing to wait the three minutes it took to load, print, and cure these items (our fastest turnaround time yet). The Squarespace crew is about as cool as they come, and it was a true honor to have our mobile rig in their presence.

Speaking from experience, if you or your business is in need of a website, check out Squarespace. Additionally, if you are interested in live printing at your event, give us a shout.



Apparel with a cause - this month we had the opportunity to sponsor one of our favorite organizations, Have Fun Do Good. We sent shirts, hats, and our very own Ben along on a weekend warrior volunteer trip to New York City. The HFDG crew ventured to the Bronx where they met up with Publicolor to paint the interior of a local high school alongside the very students who walk the halls each day. HFDG reported that working with these students was inspiring, and were amazed at the plethora of activities that the students participate in. Sponsoring Have Fun Do Good has been a great way to for us to give back. If you would like to assist their efforts, you can find out more on their site. In the meantime, re-live our collaborative adventure through these shots: