Q: When will I receive my order?

A: Our turnaround times vary by service, as shown by the trucks below. If you need your order sooner, rush service is available. Please email print@clockwisetees.com to inquire about rush service.


Please note: Orders receiving accent tags require an extra five business days.

Also note: These turnaround times only apply to orders being shipped within the U.S.


Q: What if I don't have a design ready?

A: Our design page features many professional designers who can help you out with that.


Q: Will I receive a mock-up prior to production?

A: Yes. After you've placed an order, Clockwise will submit a photo-realistic mockup of your product for you to approve prior to going into production.



Q: What file type does Clockwise prefer to be submitted for screen printing?

A: We prefer vector graphics built in either Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or Corel Draw (.eps). We also accept Adobe Photoshop files (.psd) at 300 dpi, full print size, with each color separated onto its own layer. Generally, rasterized files such as .jpg, .png, and .gif are not acceptable for screen printing; however, these file types can be digitally printed. If you need help converting your file to a print-friendly format, just send it our way.



Q: What print sizes do you recommend?

A: The most common print size that we see is 11" wide, which scales well on most garments. Prints wider than 11" usually do not fit on women's garments. Prints smaller than 9" wide are ideal for children's garments. 

Our standard print area is 14" x 17". Jumbo printing with an area of 18.5" x 27.5" is available for an additional fee.


For left chest prints, the most common sizes fall in the 3"- 4" wide range.

For printed size tags, the most common size is 2.5" wide.


Q: How fine of a line can you guys print?

A: For waterbased and discharge prints, do not go thinner than a 0.5 pt line weight - this also applies to standard ink prints that do not require an underlay (dark ink on light surface). For standard ink jobs that do require an underlay (light ink on dark surface), do not go thinner than a 1 pt line weight.


Q: Can Clockwise use my design?

A: No. Your design will remain your property and will not be used or sold without your explicit permission. We may however use images of your design in our marketing materials. Please let us know at the time of placing your order if you would prefer that no images of your design be included in our materials.


Q: What is your minimum order amount?

A: Uno. One piece. Let’s make it.



Q: What if my order doesn't look right?

A: We offer a 10 day return window in the instance of error or defect.