From a low-key kickstarter campaign to tens of thousands of followers, Alex McMullen, our friendly neighborhood hypebeast, has taken his young brand to stupid heights. We’ve been fortunate to witness this growth firsthand, and wanted to write a bit about it:

Our Beginnings

About a year and a half ago, I received an email from a Pitt student who wanted to set up an appointment and check out our shop. Just as I do with all emails of this nature, I happily obliged and scheduled a good time for us. Fresh off the bus line and right on time, Alex walked in and we began discussing his brand and how we could work together.

I recall how calm and matter-of-fact he was, unlike many of his kind who are all hype and less real. We both impressed each other with what we could offer one another, and at the end of our meeting he placed two large orders for his Eagle Tee (above) and Stupid West Tee (below), two products that we have reprinted for him many times since.

Product Progression

Like many brands, A.S.S. started off with screen-printed t-shirts, but he was quick to dive into a lot of the other print techniques Clockwise offers. After his first few runs of standard ink screen-prints, Alex and I worked on apparel projects involving reflective ink, flocking, embroidery, and felt appliqué. He also came around to privately labelling every piece that comes out of our door, as you can see peeking out from the collar below.

Most recently, A.S.S. put our embroidery department to the test with this 4-color felt appliqué piece seen below.

Aside from all of the apparel products he sources from us, Alex has come to offer a wide variety of other products such as plushies, stickers, posters, pins, shower curtains, and most notably, the American Bath Mat (below).

What’s Next?

If you were to ask Alex what he has planned for the future, he would dryly tell you about a couple more products, maybe some events, and some silly changes to the website, which he codes himself. That’s just the kind of guy he is – he keeps his head down, does his thing, and quietly draws more and more people in to his stupid world.

We can’t wait to see how Alex’s Stupid Shirts continues to flourish. On behalf of everyone at Clockwise, I want to express how proud and excited we are to work with this awesome brand. Best of luck, Alex.