Hey threadheads – one of my recent Pseudodudo pieces, “The Playmaker Hoody”, was a personal favorite and I’d like to show you all the entire process of its creation. From a third-eye vision to the closets of my customers, here’s how it all went down:

Design Process

When I’m not at Clockwise, I’m usually home, and when I’m home, I’m usually sketching. The thought process behind my sketches is mysterious even to me, but I can confidently say that on this particular day, a mental image of tiger arms conjuring up a basketball play was vivid enough to appear on paper.

The sketch stood out to me as one with potential, so I went ahead and refined the drawing in Illustrator. Once I finished that up, I quickly recognized that this thing had to physically exist on some form of apparel.

Product Selection

I really love the way embroidery portrays my simple work, so I’ll often utilize that print method when appropriate. In order to cleanly retain all of the design’s detail in thread form, the embroidery would have to be on the bigger side and therefore more substantial. Sturdier garments such as hoodies offer really great support for embroideries of this size, so I mocked it up accordingly on one of my favorite hoody blanks – the Independent Heavyweight Pigment-Dyed Hooded Sweatshirt aka PRM4500.

Once I was happy with the mockup, I interpreted the print size to be 3.75″ x 4.35″ and was very confident that everything would execute well at that scale.

Placing the Order

Once everything was set, I hopped on Clockwise’s ordering app, configured my order, and checked out. Not to pump our own tires, but I really do find the app fun and easy to use.

At that point, my design was precisely at the midway point between vision and reality, and my full trust and confidence lied in Clockwise to bring it all home.

Shortly after placing the order, I received an approval link and everything looked good-to-go. I clicked “approve” and production was underway. Clockwise’s embroidery department matched thread colors to my design, dialed in a clean stitch-out, and went to work on the hoodies.

Finished Product

Fifteen business days after placing my embroidery order, the hoodies were complete and could not have looked better. 

I took a size small to photograph (small sizes always photograph best) as well as a size medium to wear, and gave the rest to Clockwise’s fulfillment department where everything was stored and added to my webstore’s inventory.

From there, it was on me to get these things sold, so I posted to my usual channels and orders were placed. Clockwise’s fulfillment department received the orders and had them shipped out within one business day.

Although the initial design work was a solid grind, I barely had to lift a finger beyond that point. Clockwise really had me covered, and always will so long as there are people willing to add my obscure clothing to their wardrobes.

Riley Mate is Clockwise’s design director as well as the artist known as Pseudodudo.