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We thought order minimums were silly, so we got rid of them!

Pretty amazing, right? Just one of the many things Clockwise is doing to make your super low-run production needs a reality.

Does this mean I can order just one piece?


Go Digital:

Get one digitally print one super soft Tri-Blend tee in full color for only $19.32.


Get one quality dad hat with Clockwise Embroidery for $34.29.

Screen Printing:

To get Clockwise Screen Printing on one awesome fleece hoody, you only need $48.84.

Are there any other fees?

No other fees.

Were can I find the price list?

Using the Clockwise OrderBuilder is the simpliest ways to get on the fly pricing on any project, from one piece up to thousands.

Just look for the price updater, located in the bottom right-hand corner of every order page at app.clockwise.io.