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The amount of detail we can get is pretty good across the board, but it varies by print method, ink type and blank type.

We can get an amazing amount of detail on digital prints. Be sure to create and export your artwork file at 300 dpi or higher for the best results.

For water-based and discharge screen-prints, do not have any lines thinner than 0.5 pt in your design. This also applies to standard ink screen-prints that do not require an underlay (dark ink on a light surface).

For standard ink screen-prints that do require an underlay (light ink on a dark surface), don’t go thinner than a 1 pt line weight.

Spongier surfaces such as sweatshirts or coarser textures such as totes are less receptive to super-fine detail.

Not sure if your design is compatible with your blank, ink or print method? Ask us at print@clockwise.io