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Our drop-shipping service has the following associated fees:
  • A per item Inventory Fee of $0.10 per shirt per month and $0.25 per fleece/tote/hat per month will be billed weekly.
  • A one-time Handling Fee will be billed for each fulfilled item. This per item fee includes folding, handling and small/flat inserts (see above).
  • Handling Fees are tiered per shipment. See tiers below:
    • 1-10 items : $1.75 each
    • 11-24 items : $1.00 each
    • 25-49 items : $0.75 each
    • 50-99 items : $0.50 each
    • 100-249 items : $0.25 each
    • 250-499 items : $0.15 each
    • 500+ items : $0.10 each
  • Pulling items from inventory will incur the same tiered costs shown above.
  • Courier Fees are passed directly along to you.
  • Handling Fees and Courier Fees are accumulated and billed weekly.
  • A one-time Installation Fee of any pre-existing products will be charged at the time of setting up the account at .25/item. This includes account integration and producing an accurate inventory count once in Clockwise’s possession.
  • Re-Counts are available upon request billed at $0.25 per item, not to exceed $250.00.

Anything that falls outside of these services will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

For more information about this service, please see our dropshipping agreement.