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Digital printing gives you the power to easily create beautiful custom apparel without the costly setup and minimums common to traditional screen printing and embroidery. With digital printing you benefit from:

  • Minimal upfront costs: Products are produced and shipped on demand, requiring no advanced inventory investments.
  • Be colorful: Get access to full color prints without the added per color setup costs associated with traditional screen printing.
  • Sell with confidence: With digital printing, we bring the same commitment to quality that Clockwise is known for in screen-printing and embroidery.

A colorful example of Clockwise digital printing

Is digital printing the right choice for my project?

Digital printing is great for some, but not all projects. While there are no hard fast rules, generally speaking your project is a good fit for ClockwiseDTG if:

  • Small Runs: If your project is less than 10 shirts, there’s a good chance digital printing is the way to go. When in doubt, it’s best to use our order builder app to compare print and stitch options, which is available on every page of our order builder.
  • Design Detail: Is your artwork simple or elaborate? Digital printing can achieve an amazing amount of detail with properly setup artwork files set at 300dpi or higher.

How do I learn more about digital printing?

We first encourage you to look into all articles available in our help section regarding digital printing.

If you still can’t find the information you’re looking for, we encourage you to reach out to Clockwise customer support who will gladly answer your questions.