In our opinion, the best upgrade to any custom apparel is a private label. It’s subtle, informative, and completely legitimizes your product. If you want to give this a shot, here’s everything you need to know:

What is a private label?

A private label, also referred to as a size label or tag, is a custom print or transfer that replaces the garment’s inherent tag. Below is an example of a privately labeled Clockwise hoody:

Were it not for this label, the American Apparel tag that came in this hoody would still be there, as shown below:

There’s nothing wrong with leaving the label in, especially when printing on a higher-end blank like an American Apparel hoody; however, if you really want your brand or business to have full ownership over the apparel, there’s no better way to do that than with a private label.

How does it work?

It’s quite easy to include this in your order – just select the “custom label” option when you get to step 4 on our ordering app:

Then, after you save your order, you’ll want to upload an artwork file that somewhat resembles this:

There should be a separate design for each garment size contained in your order, and it’s best if all designs are on the same artboard or canvas.

From there, we prepare the label artwork as if it were any other print. Our production crew carefully removes the garments’ inherent labels with speciality scissors, then we apply your beautiful labels in their place.

What should my label look like?

There are so many possibilites and opportunities for clever design and brand personality in the label – we encourage you to have fun with it, but also make sure you at least have the following two things covered:

It’s also good to consider adding some simple care instructions, like “wash cold, tumble dry low”

If you plan on shipping any of your products internationally, there are two more bits of information that must be included in your label:

Of course, you can choose to include these details regardless of your plans for international commerce. If you are unsure of where your garments are from, or what they are made of, just email us at and we’ll let you know.

Labels are also a great place to highlight special events or collaborations, as seen on the two following examples:

Finally, as you can see, the label design can take on a variety of sizes. We find that depending on the design, labels look best at 2.0 – 4.5″ wide.

Got any templates for me?

Perhaps you’re unsure of how to start designing this potentially new element for your business or brand. If that’s the case, we’ve got a full baker’s dozen of various templates for you to download below:

If you haven’t gone for a private label yet, we highly encourage it for your next order. We find it’s one of those “once you try it, you’ll always do it” sort of things, and we think you’ll be quite pleased with the effect it has on your custom apparel.

As always, we’re here at if you have any quesitons.